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HSL - The Chair and Adjustable Bed specialists since 1968

Sun, 1st May 2005
HSL is a family run business with over 30 years experience. Since 1968 we estimate we have made sitting, rising and buying easier for over ½ a million customers.

-- First for Choice

-- First for Value

-- First for Service

-- First for Comfort
First For Choice
Britain's best selling range of Back-Care Chairs, Recliners and Settees by mail-order. Including High Seat Chairs - tremendously popular with back pain and arthritis sufferers.

First For Value

Because we offer so many different styles, you're almost certain to choose one to suit your pocket.

First For Service

Since being established in 1968, HSL have always tried to serve the needs of their customers to the best of their ability. Still run as a family business, service at HSL is more than important, it's a tradition.

First For Comfort

HSL offer a wider range than ever before of Back-Care Chairs, Recliners and Settees to make sitting easier. This includes electrically adjustable riser recliners and beds.

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